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Enjoy wine. Get thrilled. Have fun.

That is how it got us. Back then ... But even today - after many years in the wine trade - we are fascinated by the myriad of this natural product. Every region, every grape variety has its characteristics and every skillful winemaker adds a personal touch to the wine.

Certainly, it never gets boring but it is also not getting easier when choosing the right bottle. We know the (uncomfortable) feeling of standing in front of a shelf full of similar wines and not knowing what distinguishes one from the other. Our range is small yet well-chosen: we offer handcrafted wines and describe them in a straightforward casual way. This ensures quality, variety but also clarity.

The team NOER ['no:ɐ]

Thanks to time pressure, a bit of creative frustration and a glass of red wine MARION & ANDRE became NOER Weinhandel & Weinevents.
Andre Gersdorf
Marion Streubel

NOER wine, wine types and wine tastings

NOER wine range

In addition to wines from selected family-owned wineries, we offer our own wine range consisting of five wines and one sparkling "Secco". Now every day can be turned into a "great day of wine" as value for money is guaranteed!

NOER wine range

NOER wine types

Our five wine types aim at making it easy to select the right wine intuitively. Whatever you fancy, follow your mood and choose among wines that refresh, seduce, are easygoing or may calm you down a bit. Do you enjoy a sensual challenge? Just look for our "Abenteurer" collection.

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NOER wine tastings

When it comes to wine: studying is good, but tasting is even better! In our events we present different grape varieties/ wine styles and explain the interrelationship between viticulture and cellar techniques. If you prefer it quiet, than our wine tasting sets enable you to taste wines at your own pace.

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